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Custom Package​​

INVESTMENT: Let's chat for details!

Need something else not included in these packages above? Don’t worry we got you covered!

Let us know and we’ll craft a fully customized plan for you.

The process



We hop on a call to better understand your business and get to know you, your brand, to discuss your goals, target audience, and current video content efforts. We’ll review your existing channels and branding to develop a tailored strategy that aligns with your vision.



After we finalize the strategy, we’ll send over a contract outlining our plan along with an invoice for a 50% upfront payment. This secures your project and sets clear expectations for both sides.



Once the contract is in place, we’ll begin working together on creating and optimizing your video content. From brainstorming what you film to editing and branding, we handle everything. We’ll have regular check-ins to ensure the content meets your standards and achieves your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can simply send your branding files, footage, and video outline in a Google Drive folder 🙂

We custom edit all your videos and make multiple revisions before you first see them, so please keep this in mind in turnaround time. This turnaround time typically ranges from 5 to 12 business days, depending on the type of video, length of raw footage, and the complexity of the edit.

There are usually 1-5 revisions included in the quoted price of the video.

We provide free revisions to help you fine-tune your video exactly how you want it. 

We deliver your video using There’s a comment section in this platform where you can create a note at just the right timestamp you wanted to be edited. Doing this will make our process go smoothly.

Bank wire transfers, wise and PayPal, are all acceptable payment methods. Payments can be done in both EUR and USD currency.

You will probably have to make this decision based on your situation, but usually, if you have an established business or you make YouTube a reliable income stream, then you should probably outsource. 

You need to focus on your zone of genius, run your business, and do more activities that will directly impact your revenue. That’s why Gem Spark Studio is here to strategize your videos that reflect your growth and value as an entrepreneur.

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